Lyrics der Single  


money money money

money money money - big payback

money money money

money money money - where my money at 2x


you holler out the roof, money ain`t a thing

but we know, you ain´t got no ride and no wings

what the hell´s spoiled your mind

Curious eyes you had, lost in that glas of red wine

You ain´t goin`to be around for long

I can tell by how you feel threatened by this song

you scared to death that`s the consequence

gotta have heart and soul, nuts in your pants

how the world functions, Keep the rhythm like percussions

the bassline on crunk, son

what you want, son? lyrics?

cop the real, bump this in your trunk, one


you keep rippin my music in the club you jockin me - WHOA!

i need money to survive, so don´t you fuck with me - WHOA!

i know you gotta get yours but you know i gotta get mines - WHOA!

i bust ya, i crush ya - WHOA!

you crossed the line


O, you don´t see him,O you don´t know me,

remained lowkey till its time to blow´, Gee

Unfold this story, watch this turn to gold

The most rhyme aight but i put y´all on hold

i got the club locked like the police

Before you notice, your girl ridin my pony

my material makes you wanna shoplift

Or download, I know, I spot yàll like cockroaches

treat y`all like you owe this, nigga with skills so tremendous - aha

got you hooked like my chorus - aha

I´m in the place, fakers know where the door is

you can´t mess with this, i mastered this

I treat my tracks like blunts, keep passin this

for two fifty, for the hell of it, rappers gotta benefit

makin you shake your shit



I give you music for cruisin, music for fuckin

whatever I do, I touch you with somethin

either with a voice smoother that Al Jeareus

glide over your shorties leg like a pentyhose

i´ve been receivin many calls, from plenty hoes

who like the fact i got plenty balls

to deal with subjects most don´t, most won´t

that´s what it is, welcome to the O. zone

this is where freaks can be freaks, bitches bitches

playas playas, and scrubs can fuck pigeons

it´s all love, but i gets not what i deserve, see,

no grub, all they do is hurt me

bitin my shit, eatin from my plate,

i´m lookin for justice, movin from state to state,

no stoppin this, my will won´t break

holla if you feel me, give me my cake,